Key Features of Prax

Cohesive Team, Stable Strategy
The managing partners have worked together for over 10 years and have focused on China’s mid-cap growth capital segment since the firm’s beginning.

Real Support
We not only provide capital, but a wide range of additional support -- depending on the needs of each company. This support might include:

  n Marketing strategy and tactics

  n Tax optimization

  n Market research about competitors and market trends

  n Identification of acquisition targets

  n Introduction of new customers

  n Hiring of additional management talent

  n Techniques to maximize operational efficiency

  n Better financial control

  n Guidance through the difficult IPO preparation process

Resources to Ensure Success
In addition to our investment team, we have a dedicated portfolio management team made up of finance, tax, IPO, marketing and operations professionals. And our research team can identify market opportunities and map out the competitive landscape for our portfolio companies.