Portfolio Highlights

Little Sheep is a nationally-known hot-pot style restaurant chain, acquired by YUM! in 2009.

Chlitina is a leading skin care company managing 3,000+ franchised skin care salons across China

Tsui Wah is a well-known quick service restaurant from Hong Kong and expanding in China

Yongda Auto is a large high-end, multi-brands car dealer focusing on after-sale services

Blue Horizon is a mid-end hotel chain serving local business travelers' needs

Tianneng is the largest battery producer for electric bicycles

Suntech Solar was the largest solar cell and panel producer in China and the top 10 in the world

JYT Solar is the largest solar polysilicon furnace manufacturer in China



Initial is a niche fashion apparel company from Hong Kong




Suchuang Gas is the exclusive provider of natural gas to the industrial and residential users in Taicang City, Jiangsu, through its proprietary pipelines